The Motivating Humorist Who Inspires
Personal and Professional "Response-Ability" with


Dr. Jeff Mackie brings to your audience his 20 years’ experience as a primary motivating force in the sales and marketing arms of a top pharmaceutical company and his almost 35 years as a motivating humorist.

Dr. Mackie’s insistence on personal and professional “response-ability” helped his company’s sales forces consistently rank as one of the pharmaceutical industry’s top 2 (as voted by their customers)—a remarkable achievement in the highly competitive healthcare field. Jeff Mackie is nationally recognized and respected for his ability to motivate audiences with his unique combination of Heart*Humor*WisdomTM.  His track record of success earned him the position of “Ambassador” for his company.  Now, he’s available to bring his skills as a motivating humorist to you and your audience.

Jeff encourages audiences to see themselves in a new light. He then helps them use this new perspective as a spring-board to accomplish even greater personal and professional success with his presentation:

“Response-Abilty--Are you getting 110% from your life?"©

As children, we learned the concept of “responsibility” by being assigned tasks we had to do. This learning continued through our developmental years and became ingrained as we entered and worked through our productive years. “Responsibility” happened when someone in authority told us to do things either we didn’t want to do or thought we couldn’t do.

Dr. Mackie’s many years as a successful manager hinged on his ability to help people approach those very same tasks from a completely different perspective. He’ll encourage your audience to understand the critical relationship of ‘life’ and ‘livelihood’ and how the quantity and quality of their work today will lead to the tomorrow they are building for themselves and their loved ones. When “have-to-do” becomes “want-to-do”—when ”responsibility” evolves to “response-ability”—greater success always follows. Jeff will help your audience begin that transformation by asking them just one question!

“Discovering Possibles by Eliminating Impossibles”

How many times in our lives have we avoided creating opportunities because we were limited by our own thinking? Jeff will entertain your audience with his recollection of a childhood dream that no one would ever have thought possible—then he’ll show them that, although highly improbable, accomplishing his dream was not only possible for him to achieve—he did it! He’ll give each member of your group a tool they can use over and over again as a roadmap to accomplish goals from small to large—from possible to impossible.

Jeff challenges audiences emotionally and intellectually. He encourages them to be more than polite listeners. Audiences lean into the turns on his ‘bigger than life’ journey through a shared landscape of ‘extra’-ordinary experiences and insights.

He will talk eye-to-eye with your audience about life, about “response-ability,” about who they are, about who they truly could become. He will help your organization feel good about itself and will challenge each member of your group to understand and discover the untapped potential of a winning attitude!

“A Spoonful of Sugar”


Dr. Mackie’s message to your audience is serious; however, he believes strongly that “we should take what we do as seriously as we possibly can but not take ourselves so seriously.” His use of humor throughout his presentations is legend and he keeps his audiences continuously off guard—one minute laughing to the point of tears and the next experiencing the strong emotion that comes only when we contemplate “who we are and where we’re going in our life.” Jeff will convince your audience that a winning attitude is a skill; that “Let-Down"™ is a real syndrome affecting all of us and has only one cure -- his "Rx for Let-Down"TM 


Dr. Mackie's "Rx for Let-Down"tm is SAFE,

 it's EFFECTIVE and it's FREE!



  • Approaching 35 years experience as a Motivating Humorist
  • 20 years experience motivating employees, customers and patients of a top pharmaceutical company
  • Former professor at a prestigious college of pharmacy
  • Member of the National Speakers Association
  • Ph.D. Degree, Pharmacy and Toxicology
  • and a Registered Pharmacist